Evan Bujold

Growing up in a quiet town in the Adirondack mountains of NY, I had made drawing my accomplice since I was very young. Sketching through elemntary lessons and high school classes with impunity raised the eyebrows of my teachers, but gave them no objections when I managed to graduate Salutatorian of Tupper Lake High School in 2007 with presidential honors. My parents were always supportive of my academics. They had placed personal satisfaction before materialism in all that I did, so when I told them I wanted to make video games and animations instead of going to college for chemical engineering, I was only met with slight protest. For four years, I studied Digital Arts and Sciences at Clarkson University and graduated with honors and a Bachelors of Science in 2011. I immediately took up a masters studies program at Syracuse University for Computer Art. Before Spring semester of 2013 I switched majors to Illustration and am now academically and mentally satisfied. I have the professors any oddball could hope to ask for. I get to draw through all of my classes and no one stops me. That's awesome.

I consider myself an Illustrator with the ability to flesh out ideas quickly and in depth while also maintaining an eye that favors gutsy cartoonishness and the occassional forray into hyper-realism. I love quantum theory, punk music, Jazz and Ska, Iron Chef, and longboarding. I play guitar in a crazy band called Late Earth with my best friends and have been known to galavant as the super hero from my thesis comic. Please peruse my galleries while you're here, drop a line and stay connected.